• Live Telephone Answering Service
  • Nurse Triage – Offering Adult & Pediatric Triage, we have experienced and trained nurses available 24/7
  • Voice Mail (single)
  • Voice Mail Boxes within a Mail Box
  • Voice Mail with Auto Page
  • Voice Mail with Operator Revert
  • Electronic Mail Pick Up
  • E-mail Service
  • Toll Free NumbersĀ – No matter what size your business is we are able to get you a toll-free phone and fax line so clients can call you free from all over the world
  • Auto Fax Message Delivery
  • Alpha Dispatch
  • Voice Logger – We record both sides of the call received by our call center for your protection
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Courtesy and P.R. Calls to Your Clients
  • Remote Access Call Forwarding – This feature is offered by Telco and enables the service to re-forward your calls in the event your line has fallen off call forwarding without you having to worry
  • Wake Up Service
  • Account Screen Changes – We will make account screen changes at your request
  • Reports We offer a variety of reports specific to your account. An Account Representative can explain and offer suggestions as to which reports would best suit your situation
  • Voice Recording – We will record your voice mail recording for you complimentary with your first request
  • After Hours Line Checks – To ensure your important calls are coming to the service as you expect



Answering Service Colorado Springs


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