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When your customers make a phone call to your business, they like to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line – not an answering machine or an endless ring. A live answering service gives them the personal and professional service they are looking for.

When your business utilizes an answering service, you are providing a service to your customers that will be a welcome addition to your business.

Benefits of a Live Answering Service;

  • A Live Answering Service will provide many benefits to your business, including the following:
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Scalable – matches the size and needs of your business exactly
  • Gives a professional image to your business
  • Improves productivity with a touch of professionalism

A live answering service will ensure that customers are greeted with a professional voice every time they call your office. The answering service will be able to answer questions and give information that many people request over the telephone.

If someone asks a question that can’t be answered, the answering service will direct the call to the appropriate party. One of the nice things about an answering service is that they are always working, even if you are not. This means that if someone calls your office during the off-hours, they still reach a human voice that can provide assistance to them.

Many small businesses or those who are self-employed like to use an answering service because it gives them an image of professionalism without the expense of hiring and training extra employees.  With the flexibility of live answering service using a PBX hosted service this enables them to handle more than one of your prospective callers and/or clients at a time.

All the calls coming in to the business will be answered by a live person, that person just won’t be sitting in your office! The answering service will then connect the call where it needs to go. If you are out of the office or on the go, the call can even be forwarded to your cell phone. As long as you tell the answering service where to send your calls, they will direct them to the appropriate place. Easy and Affordable

Our answering service is a very affordable option for most businesses. The answering service hires their own employees so you don’t have to deal with that overhead cost.  You also won’t have to worry about extra hardware or phone lines installed in your office. The affordability of this service along with it’s convenience and professional overtone make an answering service an ideal option for many business owners.

Why not contact Voice With a Smile, LLC now and let them show you how effective and inexpensive a top-quality Live Answering Service can be for your business?

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