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The Benefits of Nurse Triage Telephone Services

If you own a medical facility, you know how important it is for your patients to have 24/7 access to a friendly voice on the other end Triage Answering Services
of the line when they call your office.

If you have hired a medical answering service, you have taken an important step in ensuring your patients are greeted with a comforting voice when they call on the phone.

When your patients are dealing with sensitive health issues or sudden emergencies, you don’t want them to call only to reach an answering machine or not have anyone pick up the phone.

Although a medical answering service is trained to provide assistance to your patients, few are able to offer professional medical advice. Luckily, there are options available which would enable your call center to give your patients the added service they need.

A professional nurse telephone triage can be offered through our call center and can provide medical assistance to your patients when you are unavailable.  This means that when a patient calls in after hours, they will first speak with the answering service. If they have an urgent medical issue that would normally have to go to the on call doctor it can be handled by our Triage Nurse who will be able to assist with their needs immediately. Our Nurse Triage service is staffed by professional R.N.’s who will provide a quality, caring and informed medical solution for your patients.

Offering our nurse triage provides a necessary service to your patients. They no longer have to wait for a call back from the on call doctor. In the case that the professional opinion of the nurse is that a particular caller needs the attention of the on call doctor then our highly trained R.N.’s will make that decision and return the caller to the service for contact by the on call doctor. Now they can get answers to their medical questions in one phone call and you won’t need to worry about getting woken up in the middle of the night with a medical concern that could otherwise be answered by our highly qualified R.N.’s.

It goes without saying that you want to be available to your patients all of the time but, there are times when that simply isn’t possible. Offering them the ability to speak with a nurse through the Nurse Triage service is the next best thing.  Your doctors can rest easy knowing that their patients are in the highly qualified hands of our compassionate and caring nurses. Our Nurse Triage Service will provide a substantial benefit to your patients. They will have peace of mind knowing that no matter what time it is, the can call your office and get answers to their pressing medical concerns.

Voice With a Smile LLC is a leading provider of medical answering services and telemessaging services. Voice With A Smile handles both routine and emergency calls for those in the medical industry, and all calls are answered by HIPAA trained, US operators.

Why not contact Voice With a Smile, LLC now and let them show you how effective and inexpensive a top-quality Nurse Triage Telephone Service can be for your practice?

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