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A voice mail service is a professional way for a business to maintain and handle communication with their customers. Most services utilize PBX phone systems to manage all inbound and outbound phone calls in a professional manner. If anyone calls your business while you are away from the office or can’t get to the phone, the voice mail service will handle the call and record a message.

A voice mail service is more than just an answering machine. It is a sophisticated piece of technology that will record calls, receive and deliver messages, and handle a number of different voice mail boxes all from the same system. With voice mail, you will never miss an important call from a customer or associate again; if you aren’t there to personally take the call, the caller can leave a message. This makes it a necessary tool for any business looking to stay up-to-date in communication and technology.

One of the worst things a caller can hear is a busy signal or endless ringing with no one picking up the other line. When you implement a voice mail system in your business, you are ensuring that your customers never run into this problem. The voice mail allows you to record whatever information you want so that it can be relayed to whoever is calling in.

The voice mail system will also hold a number of different mailbox extensions, so each person in your office can personalize their voicemail and cater it to give the information they want.

Finally, a voice mail system is a professional way for your customers to leave you a message anytime of the day or night, so you don’t need to worry about missing important information from a phone call even if it is past closing time. Inexpensive One of the best features of a voice mail system is that it is relatively inexpensive.

Oftentimes all that is needed is a phone line and a high-speed internet connection. A lot of extra equipment won’t be needed to set up this system. This makes it affordable for even small businesses. Using a voicemail gives a professional face to businesses of any size, and helps those who want to provide the best service possible to their customers.

  • Voice Mail (single)
  • Voice Mail Boxes within a Mail Box
  • Voice Mail with Auto Page
  • Voice Mail with Live Operator Revert*
  • Electronic Mail Pick Up

Why not contact Voice With a Smile LLC now and let us show you how effective and inexpensive a top-quality professional Voice Mail Service can be for your business?

*We offer this service for those of you that choose to allow your callers to press 0 and have the option to speak wth our qualified customer service team members and add that personal touch to your business and/or practice.

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